Further reading

Visitors to Egypt and Lebanon should plan their travel in advance. Many of the areas listed on this website require advance approval to access, and it can take several weeks to secure this. Some areas do not appear on maps, and a local guide may be required to identify the exact location of these areas. Just as important is the need to understand the significance of those sites. This website has been designed to identify key sites of interest and provide brief information on those areas, but visitors are encouraged to research these sites further before setting out. 

As a starting point, we recommend the following:

  • Julie Summers, British and Commonwealth War Cemeteries, Shire Publications, Oxford, 2012.
  • Philip Longworth, The Unending Vigil: The History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Leo Cooper, Barnsley, 2003.
  • Peter Stanley, A Stout Pair of Boots: A guide to exploring Australia’s battlefields, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2008.
  • Garrie Hutchinson, Pilgrimage: A Traveller’s Guide to Australia’s Battlefields, Black Inc, Melbourne, 2006.
  • The Australian War Memorial, http://www.awm.gov.au
  • The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, http://www.cwgc.org
  • Traces of War, http://en.tracesofwar.com/

Travellers should also register their travel on the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller website: http://www.smarttraveller.gov.au